Hearing Aid Recipients

Nothing feels better than being able to help people hear well. That's why the Campaign is pleased to announce our latest recipients of free hearing aids from across the United States. We hope you'll read and enjoy their inspiring stories on their journey to better hearing.

July 26, 2019

Gary Brown, Virginia

Gary Brown has faced many challenges – including raising his daughter largely on his own, and being forced into early retirement. For a while, Gary was able to use inherited hearing aids. They didn’t suit his individual hearing loss [...]
July 26, 2019

Justin Stevenson, Pennsylvania

Justin Stevenson, age 36, has struggled with hearing loss since he was a child. The challenges were especially difficult in school where he was teased by other kids, and hearing loss has resulted in difficulties in many aspects of his life. [...]
July 26, 2019

Bettie Harris-Howard, New Hampshire

Meet Bettie Harris-Howard Barrington, NH Bettie Harris-Howard, who has retired from nursing home administration, has been coming to HearingLife for her hearing care for more than nine years. Bettie has relied on hearing aids since 2010. Unfortunately, this summer, one of her devices stopped working, and was out of warranty. Wearing only one hearing aid caused her to have to […]